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Just days after the launch of Madonna’s highly-anticipated Rebel Heart Tour, Live Nation announced today that Madonna is adding more tour dates in Asia and North America. The new dates added to the 64-city world tour include first ever concerts by the Material Girl in Taipei, Hong Kong; Macau; Bangkok; Louisville, KY; San Antonio, TX; Tulsa, OK, Nashville, TN; as well as her first concerts in Tokyo in a decade and additional dates in Mexico City; and Houston, TX. A full list of dates can be found below.

The Rebel Heart Tour launched to a SOLD OUT crowd and rave reviews in Montreal, Quebec on September 9 and will continue throughout North America and UK/Europe through the rest of 2015 and into 2016. The Montreal Gazette proclaimed “in a spare-no-expense theatrical spectacle that artfully flowed from showstopper to showstopper, Madonna proved once again that she doesn’t just crave the spotlight — she owns it;” and Associated Press raved "Pole dancers dressed like nuns, Mike Tyson and nonstop theatrics. Welcome to the church of Madonna,”

The Rebel Heart Tour follows the spring release of Madonna’s Rebel Heart album on Interscope Records. Rave reviews of the album include: ROLLING STONE: “Rebel Heart is a long, passionate, self-referential meditation on losing love and finding purpose in chilling times.” LA TIMES: “Rebel Heart like its creator pushes through the pain and more often than not lands solidly and with great grace on its feet.” NOISY: “Madonna continues to keep us on our toes, like no other performer in the history of modern music.. NY DAILY NEWS ‘Rebel Heart’s best moments boast some of the most finely structured pop melodies of Madonna’s 32-year career.”

Along with extraordinary critical acclaim as an artist, songwriter and producer who has sold a record breaking 300 million records, Madonna’s reputation as one of the most successful, provocative and enduring live performers of all time speaks for itself. The 2008/2009 Sticky & Sweet tour is the highest grossing tour of all time for a solo artist and the 2012 MDNA tour was the most successful tour of that year.

Tickets for the Rebel Heart concerts in North America will go on sale on Monday, September 21. Tickets in Hong Kong go on sale Sep 25 and in Taipei on Sep. 26. In Bangkok, tickets on sale on Oct. 3 and in Tokyo on sale Oct. 10. On sale dates for the concert in Mexico City and the 2 performances in Macau to be announced.

Hong Kong concert tickets go on sale September 25, 2015 at 10AM and will be available at HK Ticketing website and hotline. Ticket prices are HKD 2,488/ 1,888/ 1,488/688. Another 6 Premium VIP Packages also available.

Icon is Madonna's official fan club. Lifetime Legacy members of Icon will receive first access to tickets and VIP Packages. Fans may purchase an “Icon Live Pass” today, which gives them access not only to ticket & VIP Package pre-sales, but also a free membership to Icon, the official Madonna fan club, access to a tour devoted forum and an exclusive tour gift. Fans who are already registered simply need to upgrade their account with the Icon Live Pass on www.madonna.com.

i. Runway VIP Party Package (For Two Persons) – HKD 16,888

ii. Ultimate Front Row VIP Package – HKD 11,888

iii. ‘Living for Love’ VIP Package – HKD 8,888

iv. Heart Stage VIP Party Package – HKD 6,888

v. ‘Rebel Heart’ VIP Party Package – HKD 5,888

vi. ‘Pray’ VIP Package – HKD 4,888

*For more information on VIP packages, please visit www.hkticketing.com



在麥當娜萬眾期待的Rebel Heart Tour開始了不久後, Live Nation今天宣佈麥當娜將在亞洲及 北美舉行更多演出。在64個城市的世界巡迴中新加入的演出包括Material Girl首次去到的台北、曼谷、香港、澳門、肯德基州路易維爾、德州聖安東尼奧市、俄克拉何馬州土爾沙、田納西州納許維爾,還有十年來首度再到東京,新增北美地點還有墨西哥城及德州休士頓。所有的演出日期可在下方找到。

Rebel Heart Tour於9月9日在魁北克省蒙特利爾全場爆滿的及得到高度讚揚的演出下開始,巡演將在2015年的餘下日子橫跨到2016年繼續在北美及英國、歐洲等地演出。《Montreal Gazette》稱「連場不惜工本的劇場式壯觀場面,麥當娜再一次證明她不單是渴望得到聚光燈照射,而是她本身就會發光。」而《美聯社》 讚揚「穿著如修女的鋼管舞者、Mike Tyson和停不了的戲劇演出。歡迎來到麥當娜的教堂。」

Rebel Heart Tour隨著麥當娜於春季由Interscope Records發行的專輯《Rebel Heart》而舉行。好評如潮包括《滾石雜誌》:「《Rebel Heart》是在失去愛和尋找目標的長久、熱情、 個人主導的冥想。」《洛杉磯時報》:「《Rebel Heart》就如其創作者一樣在痛苦中推進同時紮實優雅地踏步。」《NOISY》:「在流行音樂史上無人能像麥當娜一樣吸引我們的注意。」 《紐約每日新聞》:「《Rebel Heart》帶來麥當娜32年事業生涯中最精心打造的流行旋律。」 在作為藝人、創作人及監製均得到超凡好評,賣出超過3億張唱片,麥當娜是史上其中一位最成功、富爭議性及持久性的現場演出者,其地位顯然易見。於2008至2009年舉行的Sticky & Sweet Tour是史上最賺錢的個人歌手巡演,而2012的MDNA Tour亦是該年最成功的巡迴演出。
北美的Rebel Heart Tour門票將在9月21日(星期一)公開發售。香港將在9月25日(星期五),台灣於9月26日(星期六),曼谷於10月3日(星期六)及東京在10月10日(星期六)公開發售門票。 墨西哥城和澳門的兩場演出發售日期即將稍後公布。

6 款限量VIP套票如下*:

1. Runway VIP Party Package (兩位) –港幣16,888

2. Ultimate Front Row VIP Package –港幣11,888

3. Living for Love VIP Package –港幣8,888

4. Heart Stage VIP Party Package –港幣6,888

5. Rebel Heart VIP Party Package – 港幣5,888

6. Pray VIP Package – 港幣4,888


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