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Hollywood no longer rules South Korean cinema, which is breaking out all over. Since 1999 Seoul filmmakers have been turning out Asia's first critically applauded films, and "My Wife Is a Gangster" and "Phone" are the most stunningly good examples. In the way Americans tour Hollywood, Asians visit Korea to see sites featured in their favorite movies. Korea once looked to America for idea, but now the reverse is true. Hollywood is snapping up remake rights to dozens of Korean films. Madonna's Maverick Films is remaking the horror film "Phone". And DreamWorks recently bought the rights to another horror film "A Tale of Two Sisters." To capitalize on all the attention, South Korea has moved aggressively to cast itself as the center of Asia's film market. The Seoul government and industry leaders are working to rank the Pusan Film Festival as Cannes(戛纳)East, the festivals where deals get gone, a one-stop place where movie-makers can shop for financing, exports, even location. In preparation for the next Pusan Festival this fall, delegations from Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan and all over Asia have been flocking to Seoul to study the Korean film revival. "We look at Korea with an envious eye," says one of Hong Kong movie-makers, "Filmmakers and audiences have found a real vibes (i.e. good atmosphere) between them, like in the 1970s and '80s in Hong Kong." The Korean film industry, however, is still uphill struggle on the way. The annual receipts of Korean films ($580 million) are gaining on those of Asia's largest film industry: India ($820 million) and Japan ($1.93 billion). Yet, Seoul financial markets still tend to see movies as cultural venture, rather than a business. As a movie-making company in Korea, yet KangJeGyu Films had to team up with another filmmaker and an auto-manufacturer in a new company in order to win a listing on the stock market last year.


My Wife Is a Gangster---韩国喜剧电影《我老婆是黑社会》。




Look to:依靠,指望

Snap up:抢购

A Tale of Two Sisters--韩国恐怖电影《姐妹情深》或译做《蔷薇,红莲》

Capitalize on:充分利用某事物

The Pusan Filim Festival 釜山国际电影节

Flock to:成群结队地走向



Despite the restriction, Korean films are capturing a rising share of the local and even Asian markets. The lesson of the Korean revival is that money should be invested both into films and into comprehensive theaters that can sustain a film culture.


Capture:夺得; 引起(注意、想像、兴趣)

Sustain: 维持; 支撑



1..The followings are mentioned in Paragraph 1 EXCEPT _________.

A."My Wife Is a Gangster" and "Phone" are the most stunningly good movies.

B.Since 1999 filmmakers in South Korea have begun to attract attention.   

C. More and more Korea films have been played in the cinemas.

D. Korea tourism is more and more prosperous.



A. 《我老婆是黑社会》和《手机》是非常好的电影









2. According to the second paragraph, the following statements are true EXCEPT __________.

 A. "A Tale of Two Sisters", like "My Wife Is a Gangster", is a horror film.

B.The movies have brought South Korea international attention.

C. South Korea is paving way for the center of Asia's film market.

D. Dream Works also bought the remake rights to a horror film.



A. 姐妹情深》和《我老婆是黑社会》一样,都是恐怖片。



Pave the way for: 为…铺平道路,为…做好准备;





3. According to the third paragraph, the following statements are true EXCEPT __________.

A. Some of Asia's movie-makers are envious of South Korea.

B. The Pusan Film Festival is called as Cannes East.

C.A one-stop service is special in the Pusan Film Festival.

D. The Hong Kong's films were prosperous in the 1970s and '80s.



A. 一些亚洲制片人嫉妒韩国。






【解析】本题是一道细节题。文章第一段的原文是“The Seoul government and industry leaders are working to rank the Pusan Film Festival as Cannes(戛纳)East”,意思是正在打造釜山国际电影节成为东方的“戛纳电影节”。所以选择B

4. The annual receipts of Korean films ranked as____ in Asia.

A. the first

B. the second  

C. the third  

D. the fifth






D. 第五




5. What will the next paragraph discuss according to the last paragraph?    

A.Reasons of the Korean film revival

B.The films that will be shot  

C. The theaters that are booming

D. A film culture in South Korea










【解析】本题是一道推理题。根据已经读到两段文字,请读者对下面的内容作出推测。前面两段已经谈到韩国近年电影复兴的原因,在文章的最后一句谈到“ The lesson of the Korean revival is that money should be invested both into films and into comprehensive theaters that can sustain a film culture”,因此下文肯定是关于韩国的电影文化。

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